Psychological Cause Of Impotence


Sometimes the psychological component can be because you’re being turned away enough times and no one like rejection. And so if it’s because your wife is tired and has adrenal fatigue, you might want to talk gently to her about supporting her energy. Now I recommend starting this conversation with “baby, look, you seem like you really tired and I really wanna help.” Don’t even talk to this expert. But most of my patients, one of the side effects that they see for female patients of treating their adrenal fatigue issues is increased libido, increased desire, and so if that’s a psychological component for you of knowing that when you make an attempt to engage in sexual activity with your partner and she turned you down, she’s becoming more of a life partner, raising children perhaps, building a home whatever sort of partnership you have but not an object of sexual desire anymore. And so you can change that by helping support her and then the whole messages that she’s getting for her body.

So in terms of also supporting her hormonal support, besides the adrenal end of things, which oftentimes are treated either with good herb, either the hype of pituitary-hypothalamic formula as well as the male hormonal support formula, which actually for erectile dysfunction would probably be the place to start and less high stresses and issue. The male hormone support formula would be an excellent one for that.


In terms of the protocol that we’ve been talking about such a number one – to start with the eggs, it is easy to do and can improve a lot of things for you. Number two – making sure that digestion is on track, that you don’t have digestive issues, that your body’s not giving you a message saying “hey, something’s going on down here.” What we’re trying to do is to find the underlying cause, we are not trying to mask the symptoms, which would happen if you are using a prescription drug. You might have an erectile dysfunction because you have undiagnosed diabetes and your body’s trying to tell you “hey, this is going on, let’s work on it and try to improve it.” But if you mask that by taking a drug than your body’s going to have to speak louder to get your attention and then it might be that you become insulin dependent diabetes, that you go into a diabetic crisis, that you have kidney fill all of these side effects of diabetes because you don’t listen to the first message. And so we don’t want to suppress the symptoms, we want to listen to them and address the symptoms.

Maxirex Pills Penis Enlargement Innovations


Penis size is something that men always think about. If their penis is too small for comfort, they always try to find a way to enlarge it. One of the most preferred ways when having an attempt to enlarge the penis would be by taking pills. There are so many amazing penis enlargement tablets in the market. But we cannot lie that we have our preference which is the Maxirex pills. Maxirex is clearly one of the most popular penis enlargement pills that you can get these days. These are why you should be choosing this product for you.

Growth in penis


The first thing that can be the best selling point of Maxirex is the fact that this pills actually give you growth. There are so many different types of pills out there that claim to enlarge your penis but not as good as Maxirex. It can give you a total of four inches penis growth in length after consuming the pills regularly. You must be able to take this penis supplement for about six months or a year before you can see the maximum results. You cannot stop midway although you might still see results.

Sex Desire


Maxirex is not just about enlarging the size of your penis. After taking the pills, you will start noticing so many different changes in your sexuality as a man. One of the most apparent results would be an increase in your overall sex desire. You will be easily aroused, and you will have such an incredible libido. This is not only good for you but also for your partner who are looking to be pleased by you. In order to notice a significant increase in your sex desire, you will have to take the pills regularly too.

Better Orgasm


Maxirex is also about increasing the overall sex experience from the inside. By taking this pills, you will last longer in bed which proves to be beneficial for you and your partner. You can last more which means that you can have more pleasure in bed. By enjoying more pleasure you are having a better quality of sex for sure. The best thing about Maxirex pills is the fact that you will gain more and more orgasm like you have never experienced before. Try the pills and notice how your orgasm can be a lot stronger.

Low price for the pills

Maxirex is just as cheap as the other products in the market with more of the results. Purchasing a bottle of Maxirex penis enlargement pills will cost you around sixty dollars. One bottle can be used around sixty days which means that you have to buy more than one bottle for it to be successful. Despite so, you are in luck because buying multiple bottles will give you a significant amount of discount. You can just buy two bottles of Maxirex in the price of a hundred dollars while three bottles can be priced around a hundred and sixty dollars.

How The Breast Size Differ In Women

breast-size Not all breasts all created equal in this world. Some girls have an uneven size of breasts, and that is pretty standard. You don’t have to worry about such things as it is pretty standard. But if you are curious about what might have caused it, here are the answers.

Medical Condition

breast-hypertrophy There is no real knowledge about what cause different breast size in women. Some people might just be born with that size differences. But sometimes there is a medical reason which underlies the size differences in a female’s breasts. For instance, there is a condition that is called breast hypertrophy. It is a very rare medical condition where one breast will grow significantly bigger than the other. It certainly creates discomfort and insecurity when left untreated. It can sometimes also lead to other difficulties in life. Breasts hypertrophy can actually be treated by surgery and operation.

If you’re unhappy with your size there are ways to improve not only the shape of your breasts, but also the size. You can try to use pills for the period of 1-3 months along with the breast massage. Some of these pills really work and help women to avoid surgery. You can read more about breast enhancement pills effectiveness at

Traumatic wound

Injuries or wounds are also sometimes the reasons why your breasts seem to be uneven. Breasts are made out of soft tissues and liquids, which means that a hard impact might alter the form of your breasts. According to, there are common reports of uneven breasts that are caused by traumatic injuries when they are younger. For instance, there is this girl who has an uneven breast size which was caused by a particular injury in the past. When she was eleven years old, her breasts were injured in gymnastic activities that it altered the size.

Hormonal reason

Hormonal-reason Finally, breast size will differ because of the hormonal cause in a woman’s body. It is possible to have a different size of the breast when you have a different blood circulation. The better your blood circulation, the bigger your breasts would be. The blood flow which fills the breast will enlarge the tissue and, in turn, making your breasts larger than before. That is why most people who are in their menstrual cycle will have a bigger boobs. After having a menstrual cycle, your breasts will shrink and lose its size. It is also interesting to know that your breasts will be less uneven when you are ovulating.

How Low Sperm Counts Affects Fertility?


There is a myth in the fertility that a man only needs one sperm to fertilize an egg. Therefore, a low sperm count would not matter when you are trying to conceive. But that is a wrong myth as a low sperm count does affect the chance of having a healthy fertility.

More Sperm More Chances

It is a true fact that men release millions of sperm when they ejaculate. But the truth is, only around a hundred of them will reach the inside of the fallopian tube where they store the egg. Even so, the rest of the sperm will die out in order to clear the way to the eggs for that one sperm. Therefore, the more sperm that you have, the more chance that you have to fertilize the eggs. Low count sperm means that you have less chance of fertilization although it does not mean a complete null.

Other Factors of Infertility


Having a low sperm count does not mean that you lose fertility a hundred percent. It just means that you might take longer to fertilize. Fertility itself is comprised of three different factors that correlate towards each other. Other than the sperm counts, there are also the movement of the sperm and also the shape of the sperm. If the sperm is fast in swimming, you will have a bigger chance of pregnant. Some sperm will also have a malformed such as having a short tail which makes it impossible to swim.

Increasing your sperm count


If you have a low sperm count, there are several things that you can do to improve it. First of all, you need to avoid all kinds of food and drinks that can be bad for your health. It means that you should stop consuming junk food, fatty food, alcohol, and also drugs.

You can also do a regular exercise as this will increase the overall fitness of the body but also your libido.

Moreover, you can also take a supplement that is specially made to increase the count of sperm in your body. Always choose the one that is herbal and natural.